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comes to realize that he himself is a Magic Feather he gave clients advice on how to woo their dream girls, and his success rate is very high, but ultimately his advice didn't matter. It's then played with, as it's suggested that the hats might, unknown to the Professor, have actual power. Showing them to 'Lisa' See? Inverted in the Rick and Morty episode "Look Who's Purging Now when the normally meek Morty goes on a bloodthirsty warpath during the Purge. In another example, Starlight Glimmer develops a working means of Time Travel for the season 5 finale. The Fusion invasion of the Xyz Dimension makes it clear how one's summoning method identifies where they come from (leading to some Fantastic Racism on both sides depending on the cards they find in their deck, as well as mistaking the denizens of Standard for. After Adam is taken hostage by Skeletor, leaving only Orko and Cringer able to get his sword to him, Cringer seems the best one to try (seeing that, if he manages, he would have the best benefit, being able to become Battle-Cat when Adam turns. And when he starts to show his Heroic Resolve, it is apparently because "THE afro power made HIM GO berserk!". Sweet Nanna's nethers, what are those? There's a moment in the original Rainbow Brite episode "Peril in the Pits".

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Supertrope to, placebotinum Effect, and of course this is the. Belgarather the Sorcerer, the wisest and most ancient practitioner in the world, explains this by revealing that there really IS no hard-and-fast rules about what 'The Will and The Word' can and cannot donote with the exception of trying to unmake someone else, as the universe. Norington tells him that he doesn't really need the toys. It's meant to make something specific that you want to happen happen. The various abilities of the Homunculi are debatably this. A MickeyMouse story called "Topolino e la spada invincibile" Mickey and the Invincible Sword stars Mickey as the son of a famous swordsmith, who is tasked with forging the perfect sword for the king's nephew, Prince Pete. Liquid comments that he doesn't know if the mask itself is magic, or if it's just a placebo that Mantis is dependent on to control his powers. Smatthew (for "Smart Matthew later begins to lose his intelligence, but upon being urged to consume more of Joe's smart drink, concluded the drink was a placebo and only one step ahead coupon worked because stupid Matthew was so dumb he believed it would. Turned inside-out in Frozen with Elsa's gloves.

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